Digital Twins Give Context to IoT

Last week, I moderated a webinar with industry leaders Unity, Cosmo Tech, and Microsoft about Digital Twins.

Digital Twins enable organizations to interact with their physical assets in realistic, immersive environments.

During the panel, Microsoft’s Sam George emphasized that “simulation is one of those critical killer apps with Digital Twins. Once you create a digital replica of something, being able to simulate possible scenarios, being able to goal seek and find insights is a significant part of Digital Twins.” And he later added that “In some ways, putting IoT devices in your buildings, and factories, and energy distribution, and things like that, gives you a window into that. But, in many ways, as you model these environments with digital twins, the factory itself becomes the application, or the building itself becomes the application. And that is very easy for anyone in an organization to see because we are used to interacting with the physical world.”

The entire webinar is free to watch on IoT Times.



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Pablo Valerio

Pablo Valerio


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