Digital Twins offer a new level of insight and endless possibilities of interaction between the physical and digital worlds.

Last week, I moderated a webinar with industry leaders Unity, Cosmo Tech, and Microsoft about Digital Twins.

Digital Twins enable organizations to interact with their physical assets in realistic, immersive environments.

During the panel, Microsoft’s Sam George emphasized that “simulation is one of those critical killer apps with Digital Twins. Once you create a digital replica of something, being able to simulate possible scenarios, being able to goal seek and find insights is a significant part of Digital Twins.” And he later added that “In some ways, putting IoT devices in your buildings, and factories, and energy distribution, and things…

These devices, designed decades ago, don’t connect to the internet. The 80-year old E-6B flight computer and the 40-year old HP-12c calculator are still being sold in their original form and continue in use by millions of people worldwide.

Spock using a E-6B computer during the episode “The Naked Time”

What happens when companies push too far with product development that favors the new over the old? Nothing positive: they violate one of those universal laws of marketing by creating products that their customers don’t want.

The E-6B Flight Computer

Many years ago, I had the opportunity to realize one of my lifetime dreams: Learn to fly.

At the time, I was doing a project in Tampa Bay, FL., and I enrolled in the flight school at Albert Whitted Airport (KSPG) in Saint Petersburg.

Until that moment, I thought the word computer only applied to electronic devices that did calculations. Being an engineer, I…

Ericsson, Nokia, Sony, British Telecom, Oracle, and Cisco announce they won’t participate in MWC2021 this year.

Last month, the GSMA congratulated itself for MWC Shanghai’s success, the first physical event of its kind this year. While there were over 20,000 visitors at the show, almost 100% are living in China.

Now, with only 13 weeks left until the official start of Mobile World Congress Barcelona, dark clouds have begun to gather for GSMA’s flagship event.

Early last week, Ericsson, one of the most important exhibitors in MWC with its 65,000 ft² pavilion, was the first to announce that it won’t participate in this year’s event. …

After Ericsson announced their cancellation of MWC this year, the GSMA gave their usual spot to a cloud services consultancy, signaling others that their preferred locations at the show could be up for sale.

Mobile World Congress Barcelona is the largest professional technology show in the world. Every year, in normal circumstances, over 100,000 people come to the show to see new technologies, attend keynotes from the top leaders in the ecosystems, and, especially, do business.

That’s why premium space at the Fira Barcelona halls is hard to find. Many companies have the exact location for their booths and pavilions reserved year after year.

Big exhibitors such as Huawei, Samsung, Ericsson, and Nokia, among others, have large pavilions in the first three halls of the Fira Gran Via complex. Many of them have several…

Fira Barcelona has organized a two-day broadcast event together with Mediapro, a leading TV and media company, also based in Barcelona. Fira and Mediapro are producing SmartCityLive.

According to the organization, SmartCityLive “will have an innovative platform that will broadcast the conferences and presentations of the new event live and with television production, which can also be accessed via a Video-on-Demand system.” adding that “the Mediapro building in the 22@ district in Barcelona, will become a television studio for the creation of live and [Video on Demand] VoD content during the two days the Smart City Live congress lasts. …

Working closely with municipalities, regional and national governments, and at European level,Catalan NGO Rezero promotes policies and good practices to reduce waste.

By Alexandra Neag (Cities of the Future) and Marta Beltrán (Rezero)

In the current climate, where the pandemic has led to a new peak in packaging use, it’s easy to forget about additional global-scale challenges. For this reason, outstanding organizations like Rezero monitor such problems and come up with solutions to combat any issue harming our planet.

Working closely with municipalities, regional and national governments, and at European level, Rezero promotes policies and good practices to reduce waste.

To get an overview of how they work and what type of projects they produce and implement, we interviewed Marta Beltrán, (Rezero’s…

On Wednesday, June 3, we’ll be holding an online discussion about the privacy and security implications of digital tools to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

Please register here to receive the broadcast link.

During the session, we’ll evaluate some of the risks associated with the technologies, especially those related to the security, privacy, and protection of citizens’ information.


  • Catherine Tucker, Distinguished Professor of Management at MIT Sloan, a leading expert in internet and data privacy
  • Wolfgang Steinbauer, VP, Head of the NXP Innovation Center Crypto and Security, NXP Semiconductors
  • Alicia Asin, CEO of Libelium, developers of IoT devices for monitoring and detecting potential Covid-19 infections
  • Pedro Soriano, partner at Ramón y Cajal abogados. Lawyer with expertise in European privacy laws.

We aim to answer critical questions on privacy and security, especially:

  • How secure…

This week, we had the opportunity to talk to three experts, from three different cities, about how they are handling different challenges to help cities and communities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

From the UK, we had Tom Nutley, CEO of Bico AI. His company provides business intelligence and AI analytics, to shared micromobility services, especially bike-share programs in different cities. He told us the challenges of adapting to a completely different level of usage and mobility in several cities.

From Israel, we had Dr. Hila Oren, CEO of the Tel Aviv Foundation. She told us the different programs of the foundation and Tel Aviv’s municipality to support the most affected communities, with financial support and specific programs for artists and low-income neighborhoods.

And last, we had David Tena, from FabCafe…

Barcelona Bicing bike-sharing shut off

While some bike-sharing systems, and scooter services, are being shut off to reduce mobility, others are experiencing a sudden increase of demand as people avoid mass transit

Tom Nutley, CEO of BIco AI, a company provides intelligence solutions for the micromobility industry, shares with Cities of the Future his view of how the current COVID-19 crisis will change mobility in cities.

“In some cities, we’ve seen a surge in micromobility usage. New York and Chicago are probably the most prevalent. But in other cities we’ve seen a curtail of ridership of 50% to 75%. We have a functionality where we can add priority stations, which ultimately means that those stations create a higher priority of service, increasing the signal for several systems. We’ve moved those on requests…

The organization is holding an emergency meeting to determine if they can hold the event. Over 30 companies already cancelled their participation

Several large companies have confirmed their withdrawal from MWC, including Altair, Amazon, Amdocs, Ciena, Cisco, Ericsson, Intel, LG, MediaTek, McAfee, Nvidia, Nokia, NTT DoCoMo, Sony, and Vodafone.

Big Chinese firms such as Huawei, ZTE, and China Mobile still plan to attend.

The presence of many travelers from China, and the possibility that some of them could carry the coronavirus COVID-19, is the main reason for cancellations. The companies argue that they are pulling out to protect their employees, partners, and customers from potential contagion in a crowded environment.

Read the full article on IoT Times:

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